Friday, July 3, 2009

This is Jerry mommy's and Hannah's massage therapist! These are a few pictures of when her massage was done!!

This is Hannah Grace going home after her wonderful massage!! She slept the rest of the afternoon! Erik and I have a true diva on our hands! Her first massage at six weeks old!!
An infant massage is a way to calm your baby. It also helps them with better digestion, stimulation of the immune system, and creates a deeper and more restful sleep. (As you can see in all the pictures she was in a deep sleep!!) Massages should be done in a calm, relaxing, warm environment with relaxing music for the infant ears to hear.

The photo on the left was her favorite!! It's called The Abdomen....And gas relief
Warm a few drops of oil in your hands or lotion and rub 2 fingers gently around the area of the cord. Pressibg ub with the pads of your fingers about 1/2 inch, and keeping your fingers under the baby's ribs, move in a clockwise pattern like this:
Like a captial "I"
Like a upside down "L"
Like a upside down "U"
Repeat this stroke 3-4 times to help remove gas from the large intestin.