Monday, February 28, 2011

 Dada's home!!!

This is Fishy HG's Beta Fish!  She was playing with her farm set and she wanted the cow and the sheep to meet Fishy!!

This afternoon we were playing outside to get some fresh air and wait for Dada!!  Waiting for Dada is very EXCITING!!  She LOVES her Dada!!  While playing outside she kept saying "Where Dada go"!! 
At the zoo with Dada and HG's favorite the Elephants!!

 Watching the BIG Lion!!
 It started raining but we're so happy we brought our umbrella!!
 Steping in every puddle she can find!
 HG wanted her picture taken by the Louisville Zoo sign!  HG: Take picture please!  Mommy: ok! HG: Saying cheese!!  HG: Cute picture!!!!  =)
HG pulling her wagon after our trip to the zoo!!

Yesterday we all went to the zoo as a family!!  We LOVE our family outings!  The weather was not corroporating with us when we got there.  Thankfully we had an umberlla in the car!  Hannah got to see her favorite animal the Elephants!!  We LOVE our zoo!  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This morning we all just played home!  This is one of dada's creations! HG having FUN playing with her blocks!!
 Mommy's sweet friend Mrs. Meghan!!
Today mommy's sweet friend, Mrs. Meghan , come over to play with us!!  HG LOVED playing with Mrs. Meghan!!  We had so much FUN today!  We watched HG play, watched Elmo, and ate some yummy brownies!  It was a much needed girl time!!  We need to have another playdate soon!! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty princess dancing!!

This morning we just stayed at home and has so much FUN! We turned on some Country music and just danced!  My mom gave HG a pink tutu for Valentines day and she LOVES it!  She brought me her tutu and wanted to dance with it on!  She kept on saying "Hannah pretty princess"!!!  I can't wait to put her in dance classes just like mommy!  I always hope you dance! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This afternoon we got to have our snack outside!!  Goldfish and Applejuice!!  We also got to play in the dirt!  She was pretending that the dirt was her make up and saying pretty Hannah!
Dancing in music class!!
Today in class the kids got to row the boat with the rope! 

HG and Gabbi!!  Our sweet friends from music!
Sweet friends! 

This morning we had music class at Gymboree!!  HG LOVES music class!!  She was shaking her butty to the music today!  After class we met our friends from music at Chick Fil A for lunch!  HG and Gabbi use to be in the same baby class toghether!  It's so much fun seeing these sweet girls being reconnected!  Thank ya'll for having lunch with us today!Xoxo's!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

 HG LOVES the park! I think Grandpa had more fun!!  =)
 Family fun!
 Sweet sisters!
HG and Grandma matched!  Xoxo's!
 LOVE Sissy!

 HG with some sweet friends! Xoxo's!!
 Looking out for the birds!
 Mayala use to live in Louisville and then they moved to Atl.  BFF's reconnected!!
 Aunt Tina fially got to meet HG!!  Xoxo's!
 Future Bulldog!

 Family fun!
 Our little monkey!

 My sweet daddy and his girls!

 We finally have everyone together!!
 Aunt Kelly, Aunt Betsy, and mommy!
 My two favorite mommies!!
We went to Atlanta for a fast family visit this past week.  Hannah Grace got sick and mommy and dada need help!  On our way down there she threw up in the car... good times.  HG just had a bad cold she's been coughing, having low grade fevers, not eating, fussy, clingy, and an ear infection.  Thank you all for helping us get through this rough week!  We've learned so much this trip!  We finally have our sweet baby girl back!  What a rough week it has been but she's back and we LOVED seeing our family!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Does she look sick to you?!
 LOVE my sweet girl!!

 Dada and his girl! Xoxo's!
 My hubby!!
 Our blue eyes!
This afternoon we all went to Southern to get some fresh air!  Does she look sick to you?  This weekend has been rough but we're making it!!  She had so much fun playing outside with the rocks, sticks, and picking up leaves!