Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 One very excited bumble bee!!
 Miss. Priss!!!
 Looking at her hand print pumpkin!!
 Happy Halloween!!
 Busy little bumble bee trick or treating in the mall!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! We had one very EXCITED little bumble bee ALL day!!  We decided to decorate our pumpkin!!  Hannah LOVES to paint so we decided to paint her hand prints on her pumpkin this year!!  A little messy but so cute!!  Due to chilly weather we decided to trick or treat in the mall!!  Were trying to stay as healthy as we can this year!!  She had so much fun trick or treating that she's already asking about next year!! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunck or Treat!!

My tired bumble bee!!

 Wasn't sure about trunck or treating at school!!

Happy Halloween!!  Last night we all went to Hannah's school and went trunck or treating!!  We weren't sure what to expect but it's really cute!!  Hannah was a little scared of all the Halloween decorations but didn't mind getting the candy!!  She loved seeing her friends from school!! Seeing her so happy at school makes us so happy too!! 

Sunday afternoon nap!!

 Sweet dreams!!
Covered herself up!!

This is what Sunday school and a big lunch does to my sweet baby!!  She got her car blanket and covered herself up!!  Sweet dreams my little one!!

Huber's Pumpkin Patch 2011!!

 Huber's Pumpkin Patch!!

 Pumpkin Patch 2011!!
Pumpkin Patch 2010!!

Country girl for the day!!!
I LOVE this one!! 

This weekend we went to Huber's Pumpkin Patch!!  HG has been every year!!  Her favorite thing is to ride the tractor out to the field and pick a big pumpkin!!  If they would let her I think she would just ride the tractor back and forth!! This is one of our family's favorite Fall activity to do!!  We look foward to it every year!! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Science Museum!!

 Pumpkin observation!! 

 Our beautiful baby girl!!
 Splish splash!!
Just a little wet!!
 Future artist!!
 Deciding on what color to paint next!!
 HG's masterpiece!!
 Wish I could have taken it home!!
 Blast off!!!
 5,4,3,2,1, Blast off!!
Umberlla anyone?!!

This afternoon we went had had some family fun!!  It was cold and rainy so we went to the Science Museum!! Hannah got to observe the inside of a pumpkin!  She said that's disgusting!!  We had a GREAT afternoon just the three of us!!!  LOVE my family to pieces!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fun!!

Look Papa!!  Were ready to come to the farm!!!

 Peek A Boo!!

Trying out the maze with Chase!! 

We've been enjoying this Fall weather before it turns cold.  We met our friend, Chase, at a pumpkin patch!  It's always fun to see these two together!  Before we left daddy and Hannah went to look at the cows!  Happy Fall!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Little Artist!!

Making sure she gets every spot!!
LOVES to paint!! When she was painting she said "Mommy this is awesome!!" 
The finish products!! 
Hanging her art work on the fridge so daddy can see it!!  They are our new magnets!!

Hannah LOVES to paint!  We found this really cute paint set at the store today!  They had different selections to choose from!  Hannah picked the frog set one!!  We got home and she was already busy at work!! I'm getting a lot of these paint sets for Winter when we can't go anywhere!!   The best part is they are magnents!!  So everyone can see her beautiful masterpieces hanging on the fridge!!

My Princess!!

We were in the middle of getting dressed when she wanted to play dress up this morning!! This is why it takes us forever to get ready in the mornings but it's so much FUN!!  Who can resist?!  She was twirling around her room to her Disney Princess music!!  I LOVE MY SWEET girl!!  Xoxo's!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Girl time!!

 Feeding the ducks with Aunt Holly!!

Loves climbing trees!!
Semitary Cave!!

This afternoon we had some girl time with Aunt Holly!!  We went to Cave Hill Semitary!  We brought some bread to feed the ducks!!  Hannah was a little scard of the ducks.  Thank you Aunt Holly for coming and spending some time with us!!  Can't wait to see you again!