Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

Hannah's first baseball game!!

 Take me out to the ball game!!
Favorite part of the game!!

Last night Hannah went to her first baseball game!!  We went to watch our "try" to watch the Louisville Bats play!!  She got to ride the pony with daddy and play on the playground most of the game!!  That's why I said try!!  She did do good sitting down at some points especially with cotton candy!! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daddy's Girl!!

 Enjoying a popsicle together!!

We had a lazy Sunday!! After church we played at the park and then we played out back!!  She had missed her daddy when we got back from our trip!!  They have been insperatable!!  They went on ice cream dates!!  LOVE YOU DADDY!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ready for school?!!?

This morning was a BIG day for us!!  We're deciding to put HG in a mother's morning out program!!  She's ready to go to school and have fun!!  I on the other hand can hang on for a long time!! We looked at one church this morning and she loved it!!  She even cleaned up her toys without being told too!!  Now why doesn't she do that at home?!! Please pray for us as we make an important decission as where to put her in school!! 

Sweet Home AlabamaPart 1!!

My own special seat for the first time!! 
Having a picnic on the airplane!! Appe juice and pretzles!!  She was AWESOME!!  
At the zoo!!
Riding the choo choo!!
All aboard!!
 Splish splash!!
Sweet ole Sissy!!  She will be 15 in November!!

 We got a smile!!

LOVE my daddy!!
Looking for cloud shapes!!
Giving Sissy a big group hug!!
Who's who?!!

This past week HG and I flew home to my parents house!!  We had so much fun!!  We went to the zoo with some sweet family friends!  We even got to see Aunt Betsy!!  We had so much fun!!  This was the first time HG had her own seat on the airplane and she was GREAT!!  Thank you BB and Papa for a great trip home!! 

Sweet Home Alabama Part 2!!

We LOVE our cousins!!  Luke, Hailey, Tyler, Cole, and HG!!
Girl talk!! Sissy praying that HG drops at least some of that cupcake!! 
Mommy and HG touching a shark!!

Say cheese!!
Dancing on the dance floor!!  Go HG!!
My BFF!! 
HG's silly face!!

HG digging for dinosaur fossils!!
A BIG bright light!!  Mommy's favorite toy when she was little!!

Our sweet cousins came to see us when we were at my parents house!! We all went to the science museum!!  It was so much fun!!  I don't know who had a better time either me or HG! Each floor had something different!!  One floor had dinosaurs and bugs, the other a zip line, a weather floor, bubble room, an art room, an indoor playground.. etc!!  We had so much fun but best of all was spending time with her cousins!! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trucks, bows, and dirt!!

 Loves to play with trucks and dirt!!

Loading in the dirt!!

This morning we meet Chase and his mommy at the park to play!!  Another little boy brought these trucks and they asked if they can play with them too!!  Hannah loves to play in the dirt!!  Thank yall so much for meeting us today at the park!!  

Monday, August 15, 2011

A princess day!!

This morning we just stayed at home and played!!  Today we got her princess tent out!!  We had forgotten about her princess tent so it was so much fun getting it back out again!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Promotion Sunday!!

Hannah Grace 2 years old!!

Today was a big day for Miss Hannah!  She got to move up to a new Sunday school class!!  We're in with the big guys now!!  Today she wore her new dress from BB and Papa!!  Thank ya'll so much for her new dress!!  We love it!!  When we picked up Hannah after church her new teacher said she was an angel (she always is!!) and that she loves art and crafts!!  I love haning her new pictures on the fridge!! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Summer's eveing!!

Ice cream by the pool with our BFF's!!
Puddle jumper time!! 

This evening we meet out BFF's for an eveing swim at the school.  We brought a special snack to enjoy!!  We all got to eat an oreo ice cream dessert!!  The kids love to swim with their puddle jumpers on!!  It's so much FUN to watch them swim together!!What a great way to end the day with great friends!!  Xoxo's!!