Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow angels!!!
Say Cheese!!

This week Hannah Grace and mama got to drive to the airport to pick up BB!! Hannah Grace LOVES going to the airport to watch the planes come in!!! While BB was here we got Hannah Grace's pictures taken!! They are just adorable!!! Of course we did some shopping too!! BB got to see some Kentucky snow while she was here!! Thank you BB for everything that you've done!! We love and miss you!
My sweet family The Britts: Uncle Randy, Aunt Holly, Mama, Hannah Grace, Dada, Grandma, and Grandpa
More Britt's!! Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe and Aunt Caroline

Hannah Grace is with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe!! We're coming to the beach!!!

Look how precious!!

This is a hard post to write. Mrs. Irenne Britt passed away at 90 from liver cancer. We drove up to Michigan last weekend. We got to see family and friends while we were there. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hannah Grace loves to play with balls!!!!
Mama this is soooo..... much fun!!! Again please!!!

This is Hannah Grace's new friend from Gymboree!! The two girls have gotten close in the past couple of weeks!! Mayla is also going up to the next level with Hannah Grace!! These girls are BFF's!!!

Hannah Grace isn't sure about the intertube!


Today was a rainy day in Louisville. I was trying to think of something fun to do today! We called our friends Mayla to come and play with us at Gymboree!! Since Hannah Grace is sitting up we get to have free play on all of their fun equipment! We have been moved up to the next class which is level 2! This class gets to play on all this fun equipment!! The girls had so much fun today!! Our new class is on Thursday's instead of Tuesday's now!! We LOVE Gymboree!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mama I can do it all by myself!!!!!
I'm a BIG girl now!!!

I think can, I think I can!!!!

I did it mama and dada!!!!!!

We are all so proud!!
This week we have accomplished two big milstones!!! Hannah Grace is now sleeping in her own crib and through the night!!! The ladies at Gymboree Play and Music told me to feed her Oatmeal with her dinner. So Ive been feeding her Oatmeal with her dinner and as of Wednesday night she has been sleeping like a baby!!! It's been a while since I've gotten this much sleep!!!
I've been working with Hannah Grace every day at sitting up!!! A good friend told me to spread her legs and put a toy in between them. So I tried it today and as of this afternoon she has been sitting up all by herself!!! The first time she did it I cried because I'm one happy mama!!!! We've been working so hard at this for a while!!!!
So at 7 (1/2) months old Hannah Grace is sleeping through the night and sitting up like a big girl!! She will be 8 months old on Thursday of this week. Where has the time gone? They grown up to fast!! I'm so proud of Hannah Grace in everything that she has accomplished!!! We LOVE you sweetpea!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Little Clown!!!

Miss. Hannah Grace sure does keep us entertained around here!!! Today she was eating her Cheerios and she decided that she didn't want them anymore! She started tossing the Cheerios around her room and then she put her bowl on her head! There is not a dull moment around here!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hannah Grace being a BIG girl at dinner!!
Hannah Grace trying ice cream for the first time at 7 (1/2) mths old!!!

Hannah Grace eating a French fry for the first time!
More please!!!
Tonight we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and Hannah Grace was a BIG girl! They grow up so fast right before your eyes. She was sitting in a high chair for the first time at a restraunt with Grandma Britt's seat cover!!! Grandma Britt got this seat cover for Hannah Grace for Christmas so those nasty germs wont get on our little princess!! Hannah Grace tried French fries for the first time tonight! I pinched the potatoe out of the fry!! She also had ice cream!! I think it was a big hit!! Ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Playing with the worlds best bubbles: Gymboree's bubbles!!
Mommy I have bubbles in my hair!! That's so funny!!

Trying to figure out these bubbles!

I think I can reach em! I know I can!

We've been inside playing in our pajamas for the past two days because of the snow!

My precious little family!!
Hannah Grace all bundled up!! Baby it's cold outside!!!

My girl!!

Daddy with his little girl!!!
This week in Louisville we got 4 -4(1/2) inches of snow and it's still snowing!! Us girls have had 2 days of pajama day! Hopefully we can go out tomorrow!

Hannah Grace and Mommy at Gymboree!!!
Tummy time with Hannah grace's friends!!

Hannah Grace loves this little puppett!

Keeping an eye on that silly puppett!

Hannah Grace LOVES going to Gymboree Play and Music on Tuesdays!! This week we practiced rolling them in a blanket! They went back and forth from one side to another! Hannah Grace is rolling ALL over the place!! We have a rolly polly now!! It's so cute!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hannah Grace did two new tricks over Christmas break!!! At Grandma Britt's Hannah Grace rolled all over their den! She rolled from her left to her right and then from her right to her left! She made sure that everyone was watching her because each time she rolled she lifted up her head and we all clapped!!!! So now we're back at home and she's rolling all over the place and bumping into everything!!!!!

When we were at Bb's and Papa's Hannah Grace said Ma-ma for the first time!!! Erik was driving , I was in the front seat, Papa and Hannah Grace was in the back! Papa was trying to keep Hannah happy in the back seat but she just kept on crying. While she was crying she said Ma-ma!!! I LOVE hearing her say Ma-ma!! Of course it's only when she's fussy. She did it another time when BB heard her too!

Hannah Grace is doing great in eating baby food! We are on second foods now! Hannah's two favorite foods for now is bannans and sweet potatoes!!! Today I called the nurse to see if she can start feeding her Cheerios and she said yes! So we're going shopping tomorrow for some new snacks!!

We are still doing Gymboree Play and Music every Tuesday at 1pm!!!! Now that we have rolling over down we're working on sitting up!! We're almost there but still a little rocky! Those are just a few things that I'm doing with Hannah Grace! Xoxo's from Hannah Grace!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mama's sweet girl!!!
Luke, Bev, Hannah Grace, Aunt Mickie, Tyler, Hailey, and Cole!!!!

Hannah Grace with sweet Aunt Mickie!!!

Hannah Grace's first balloons!!!!

Bailey holding Hannah Grace for the first time!!!

Hailey with Aunt Bev!!
Sweet Ava and Hannah Grace!! Ava and Hannah Grace are two premiee friends!! And when we move back we hope our girls will be close friends!!!

The sweet Thacher family!! Mr. Jeff, Drew, Nancy, Win, and Bailey!!!!

Mrs. Thacher holding Hannah Grace for the first time!!!

These are our GREAT friends Abby and Ava! I would always facebook Abby premiee questions!!
While we were in Atlanta for Christmas I called some of our sweet family friends to see if they can join us for lunch!! Hannah Grace had a great time meeting all of her friends!! We just can't wait to move back!!

Christmas at the Britt's!
Aunt Betsy loving on Hannah Grace!!!!

Aunt Holly loving on Hannah Grace!!!!

Papa, Hannah Grace, and BB in B-Ham!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Britt with Hannah Grace!!!!

Sorry for the late blogging! We've been really busy! Hannah Grace had a GREAT first Christmas!!! Here's some pictures from the Bates's and the Britt's first Christmas with Hannah Grace!!!