Saturday, March 27, 2010

This week has been a rough week up here. After I took Hannah Grace swimming she got sick. She's had a cough and a little runny nose. I took her to the dr on Thursday and he said that it's just an old cold and will take it's time to go away. The good thing is that he did say she's finally teething!!! He also said that she might get all of her bottome teeth in at the same time!!! We ordered her Sophie the Giraffe for teething and it's always in her mouth! (I'm glad I'm not Sophie!!) Haha!! So now we have a cold and at the same time teething.

Grandmama and Grandpap Britt came up on Friday for a weekend visit!! We LOVE having family up here!! Hannah Grace also LOVES playing with them!! Pictures soon to come!!

I'm having trouble with my blog so hopefully soon I can figure out whats going on! Hannah Grace wanted to show everyone her new skirt!! She LOVES wearing it!! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hannah Grace and mommy in the big pool!!!

Concentrating on getting somewhere!!!

We first played in the baby pool to see how she liked it and she LOVED it!!

My little fish!!!
This afternoon Hannah Grace and I went swimming for the first time!! I
was a little nervous about her being around all of that water. First we played in the baby pool for a while to see how she liked it! Then we graduated to the big pool!! She LOVED swimming!! She's my little fish!!! She was splishing and splashing the whole time!! I brought her floaty and some toys for her to play with!! We will be going a lot more! Hopefully she'll be on a swim team like mommy!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hannah Grace's first pedicure!! She's ready for her sandles!!!

Sweet love!!!

Trying to hold so still for Aunt Betsy!!

We needed some reinforcement from BB!!

Trying not to be a wiggle worm!!

Aunt Betsy gave Hannah Grace her first pedicure this weekend!! What a special memory to always have!! She's now ready for sandle weather!!

Easter bunny 2010!
I had to help out the Easter Bunny a little bit!!!!

You mean I have to sit here by the East Bunny?!!!!

How sweet is her outfit!! Thanks BB and Papa!!!

Hannah Grace is excited about her first Easter!! She even brought her Easter basket for the bunny!! She's ready to find all of the Easter eggs!!!

The girls playing with HG! Standing up like a big girl!!
Sweet Xoxo's from Aunt Betsy!!!

All of the Bates girls!!!

Our pizza picnic!! Hannah Grace LOVES to play outside!! We brought her a pink wagon for the park with toys in it!! She LOVES it!! Pink is our color!!!!

Standing up!!
More precious memories from our girls weekend!! We had such a great weekend we all hated to say good by. We really do need to move back home!!!!

Seriouslly how cute is she!?!!!!!
My sweetpea!!

Aunt Betsy with Hannah Grace!!

The girls!!

Aunt flew up to Louisville this weekend too!! Aunt Betsy flew in Friday morning!!! We had a girls weekend!! It was such a special weekend for all of us!! We went shopping, out to eat, we played at the park, had a pizza picnic, and everyone spoiled HG!!!!! We had a GREAT weekend.

BB in Louisville!! After Gymboree we all got to play in the beautiful sunshine!!
HG LOVES to play soccer at Gymboree!! Kick it girl!!!

My big sweet girl standing up!!

All of her friends!!
Standing up!!
On Thursday of this week BB flew up to Louisville!! Once we got her from the airport we went straight to Gymboree!! How special it was to have her here!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today Hannah Grace played dress up with Mama'ss necklace!!!
She had so much fun!!!
Everything goes into this girl's mouth!

Happy Hannah!! :)
I know I'm cute!!
Today we had a low key day at home!! Hannah Grace loves to watch me get ready every morning! She watches me fix my hair and put make up on!! Pretty soon she'll be getting into my makeup! She's such a girlly girl!!!
On Friday we had a playdate with two other girls from Gymboree!! And of course my daughter was the loudest one there!!! Haha!! She had so much fun! I think we might make this playgroup a weekly playgroup!! It's her bff and another girl from a younger class but they all played so good with each other!! They were so cute!!