Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hannah Grace LOVES to be outside and swing!! She also has been sticking out her toung latelly too!!
My sweet baby girl!!!

Today at the park I ate dirt, grass, and leaves! Here she is disceting the grass!!

Again discting the grass!

Caught red handed!!!
We've been having some really NICE weather up here latelly!! For the past couple of days we've gone to the park in the afternoon. I bring her quilt and a bag full of toys. But today she didn't want to play with her toys she wanted to eat grass! I was trying to give her a toy but she's so fast that she grabbed a piece of grass or something outside and put it in her mouth! She's so funny! Latelly she's beensticking out her little toung too. It's like she's catching flies or something!! We got her this hat for the sunny days that we've been having and for the Summer!! She does pretty good keeping it on most of the time! But tries really hard taking it off towards the end of the day! Hope you enjoy the pics she's just growing up so fast right before our eyes. Sniff sniff.

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