Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today was the first of many days to come. Today Hannah Grace got her first boo boo. She got a sticker at the dr office today!
You see that big red bruise by the left side of her forehead. It's gonna be a shinner in the morning.

Still my happy little Hannah with her first boo boo.
Today was the first of many days that I'll have as being a mom. Hannah Grace and I were on a stroller ride enjoying the 73 degree weather today! She was feeding herself a bottle in the stoller. She was leaning back more than usual. Her feet were hanging out of the feet part of the stroller and so was Hannah Grace. She had slipped out of the stroller through the feet part and hit her head on the concret. She had turned side ways and hit her head on the left side. I quicklly picked her up and comforted her and sang our song. We quicklly walked back to the house and I applied ice. I called her nurse and asked questions since she hit her head. I got an apt just to make sure she was ok. The dr said she was going to be fine but have a shinner in the morning. He said to watch her closelly this eveing if she was throwing up or not acting like her self to bring her back in. I have to check on her every 2-3 hours tonight. I know this will be the first of many bumps and bruises.

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