Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hannah loved to try and catch those bubbles!!
Hannah doing tummy time with her new friends! The teacher rolled the ball onto the mirro and Hannah caught the purple one!!!

Hannah LOVED this little puppet! It made her laugh! I love to hear her sweet little laughs!!

How cute am I?!!!

Hannah and mommy having fun at Gymboree!!!
I've been trying to find an activity for us to do for the long Winter days. I always drive by Gymboree Play and Music! So I went in one day without Hannah and got her in a free class to see if she liked it! She LOVED it! We're trying to introduce her to other children and it gets us out of the house! We also put her in the church nursery for the first time last Sunday! Let's just say she did much better than me! So we will be going to Gymboree every Tuesday at 1pm! This is Hannah's Christmas present from BB and Papa! Thank ya'll so much!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hannah has been waiting for the snow all week long!! Finally when she was looking out the window and she saw snow for the first time!!!! She wanted to go out and play so "dada" took her outside! She didn't like touching the snow. She enjoyed looking at the beautiful snow that God created! We didn't get much snow but we've had some really cold weather.
Ok! Sorry for the long delay on my blog! We've been traveling and dealing with a sick baby. Hannah's cold has now settled into her eyes and I have to give her eye drops 3 times a day. Hannah had her 6 mth apt this wk and dr said she's no longer a premiee!!! She now weighs 14lb and 5oz! She's been eating her vegies and fruit! She LOVES Applesauce!! Her dr wants her eating breakfast with rice cereal and a fruit (I've been doing the rice cereal she loves it) and bottle, lunch with a fruit and bottle, and dinner with a veggie and bottle. Hannah Grace is a great little eater! She's not picky what so ever. Her dr wants us to work on her growth motor skills which is a little behind but she'll catch up! He also wants her sleeping in her own big girl bed all through the night. I started crying when he told me. Yes she still sleeps in her pack n play right next to us. I'm not ready to let go yet but dr's orders. Hannah got two shots in both legs but she was so brave because I sang our special little song!! (Nurse thought I was nuts!) Here's some pics from the past sevearl wks! Hannah Grace got to see and feel her first snow this week! She wasn't to crazy about the snow!! She's my Southern Bell!!!