Friday, August 14, 2009

Ok! Sorry it's taking me forever to update our blog! We've all been adjusting to our new schedule of Miss Hannah Grace!! Our little diva is growing up sooo fast right before our eyes!!! I took her to get her weight check earlier this week and she's now a big 7lbs. 13.5oz!!!! She's almost 8lbs!!!! She's doubled her weight since she's been born! When she was born she weighted 3lbs 7oz! Ok scratch the 7lbs 13.5oz we now have a 8lbs 12oz baby girl!! We're so thankful for a healthy baby after everything that she's been through at the beginning!!! We thank God each day!!! She had her 2 mth check up and her dr couldn't have been more happy with her!! :) She is a strong little girl! She's now holding up her head on her own! She was loosing a little bit of her milk when she takes a bottle so now we're putting baby cereal in her bottles! For a 3 oz bottle she gets 1 tablespoon of ceral and for a 4 oz bottle she gets 2tablespoons of ceral! The other night she ate 4 (1/2) oz of her bottle!!!!!

Hannah and mommy went shopping at Babies R Us!! Hannah picked out her own activity mat!! We got her a Baby Einstine activity play mat! She LOVES it!! It has classical music on it and the star in the middle that lights up with different colors and she LOVES it!!!

We do tummy time for 5 minutes a day!! A couple of weeks ago she rolled over for the first time!!! If Erik wasn't with us girls I would not have believed my eyes!!!!! She surprised all 3 of us!!!

We've had a lot of company come in town the past couple of months. My Aunt and Natalie came up for a visit, Grandma and Grandpa, BB and Papa!!!! Hannah LOVES them all!!! Thank you so much for coming up to visit us!!!! More pictures coming soon!!!