Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tea Party with friends!
Feeding Pooh Bear Goldfish!
Giving Elmo pretend juice!
Hannah saying charge as she puts in her card in her piggy! I think we're in trouble!
Making sure every toy is out!
Today Hannah and I had fun playing with her toys at home! We got to have a tea party with Pooh Bear and the Grinch! Hannah feed them Goldfish and pretend juice! She's such a good little mommy!

Relaxing morning! Relaxing in her chair and brushing her teeth! Reading with Big Bird!!
Nice and cozy inside reading her books!

This morning we had a nice relaxing day at home! She's been enjoying reading in her cozy chair! We LOVE to read books!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Science Museus FUN! Our sweet friends invited us to the Science Museum this morning! Hannah and Chase had so much FUN!
Yea! Water FUN!!
We LOVE our Big Bird!!
Shopping in Mr. Hooper's Store!! Looks YUMMY!!
Learing to wash hands and brush teeth with Erni!!

This morning our sweet frineds, Sam and Chase, invited us to the Science Museum! We had so much FUN!! They had a Seasme St. exhibt and you know Hannah was in heaven! We LOVE our Seasme Street! Thank ya'll so much for such a FUN morning!!

Our first snow!
Mommy I'm cold and i do not like this cold white stuff!! Hannah kept on saying "mommy cold"!!
Playing outside in 28 degree weather! Only for 10 seconds!! How do you keep gloves on a toddler?!!
First snow of 2010!!

Early this morning we got our first dusting of snow!! It was hard not to wake up Hannah and let her play in the snow! Here is a question for anyone, How do you keep gloves on a toddler?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Playing in the puddles before we go inside!!
Pumpkin pie for dessert! Mmmmm!
My twins!
Not too happy about taking a family picture!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2010!!! Today for lunch we ate at Cracker Barrell since we had to stay up here. We had to wait for a hour to eat but it was well worth it! Hannah had fun playing with all the toys which helped pass the time! Hope everyone had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just imagine! Hannah was sharing her pretend bottle with Sissy but she was thirsty too!!
Since mommy and daddy wears hats Hannah likes to wear hats too!!
Giving her Sissy and kitten a ride in her stroller! Such a great little mommy! And now it's Hannah's turn! She's always making us laugh!
Pushing Sissy down the hall!

I love to see Hannah's imagnation at work! She's such a great little mommy taking care of all of her stuff animals! She'll pretend to feed them and change their diapers!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

HAPPY 18 mths baby girl!!
"If your happy and you know it clap your hands!!"
We love our tree that God made!
Hannah Grace!

HAPPY 18mths HANNAH GRACE!! WE LOVE YOU!! WOW! Crazy to think that I had an emergancy c section with HG 18mths ago! Who would think that she was a premiee?! We have our 18mth check up coming up soon and I'm so excited to take her! HG is doing GREAT! Here are a few pictures that we took before we went to church this am!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Girls day out! After a fun day at the zoo!
1, 2, 3...WHEE!
Girls in pink!
Hannah's FAVORITE is the elephants!
Sweet baby girl!

This afternoon Hannah and I met our new friends Kathryn at the zoo! It's suppose to be really nice the next few days! I think we're gonna live outside! The girls had so much fun playing on the playground and seeing all the different animals!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You can run but CAN'T hide from mommy! Some morings it's like war trying to get this girl dressed!
Stuck mommy!!

Some mornings it's like war trying to get this girl dressed! Others a piece of cake! But today she was trying really hard not to get dressed! I'm ready for nap after this!
FUN at Southern! People I LOVE with ALL my heart!
HG LOVES puzzles!
LOVES these train tables!!

All bundled up!

Last night Hannah and I had FUN playing at Southern when Dada studied! Hannah LOVES these train tables everywhere because she LOVES trains!! We found a few places that have them and we play there for hrs! It's a great outing because they have a little table with puzzles, leggos, books, and of course the train table! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music class FUN!! Hannah Grace helping cleaning up the bells. Why can't I get her to help clean up at home!?!!
Musical instrument time! This is her favorite part!
Picking out her instrument to play with!
Trying to sing in the microphone! I think she liked playing with the string better at the end of the microphone!
Ring the bells!!

This morning we had music class! HG enjoys going to music class and meeting new friends! She likes to play with all the different musical instruments!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HG LOVES to read! My sweet girl in her cozy rocking chair reading books!
Reading mommy a book about kittens and puppies!

HG reading Elmo! We're working on our colors! Red=Elmo, Yellow=Big Bird, Green=Oscor the Grouch, and Blue=Cookie Monster! Since she loves Seasme Street I thought it would be easy to learn her colors that way!

Hannah LOVES to read books!! It's one of her favorite things to do! She likes to sit in her rocking chair and look at all of her books! She can sit there for at least 30mins reading! She'll grab a new one each time out of the pockets of the rocking chair! Happy reading my love!