Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! This is my COOL pumpkin I carved during nap time!
Dada and HG trick or treating!
I Love this one! And that you can see her cute bottom!!
Mommy, HG, and our new friend trick or treating! She's keeping a close eye on this one!!

Sorry for my delay in bloging! We had a GREAT Happy Halloween! HG took a late afternoon nap so she will be in a good mood trick or treating! We got her dressed when she woke up and then we got to go to dinner!! After dinner we went trick or treating!! HG got the hang of trick or treating! We would knock on the door only the doors that had their lights on and front door open! At each door we said trick or treat and she caught on! She would whisper trick or treat! Thank goodness we had the viedo camera because nobody would have believed us! Trick or Treat!

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