Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hannah Grace had the BEST time fingerpainting!!! It's time for a bath!!!!

How sweet is she!!!!!!! =)

Making a mess is soooo.....much FUN!!!!!

Concentrating so hard!!!!
Today we all went to the store and got Miss Hannah Grace some fingerpaint!!! She had the BEST time!!! I put her in her diaper in her high chair because I knew she would make a MESS!!! This was her first piece of artwork!! Of course it's proudly hanging on the fridge!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today Miss. Hannah Grace had her 9 mths doctor apt!! WOW!! I can't believe it!! I got two thumbs up from her doctor today!!!! She said that Hannah Grace looks AWESOME!!!

Weight: 16lbs & 0.8oz
Height: 26"

Hannah Grace can now eat mac-n- cheese, steam brocclie, green beans, ground beef, lunch meat, noodles, sweet potatoe, and reg. potatoe, but everything has to be the size of a cheerio!!! Her dr saw some teeth trying to come through and said to be ready in about a month or so!! I'm so excited!!!! She got one shot today and only cried for a second because I was singing our song and I had her bottle ready!!! So we had a really GREAT 9 mth doctor apt today!!! Just 9 mths ago we were only 3lbs and 70z. We have come a long way!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's go Mama!!!
Higher and higher Dada!!!

Hannah Grace LOVES to swing, especially with her Dada!!!!!

My sweet big 9 mths old baby girl!!!!

Today my sweet baby girl turned 9 mths old!!!!!! After church today we all went to the park for some family fun!!!! It was 64 degrees here today!!! It felt sooooo..... nice to be outside again!!! Hannah Grace LOVES to play outside!!! We all had so much fun at the park today!! There was alot of kids out and Hannah Grace loves to watch the other children run around and play!! She's so observent!!!! I'm taking Miss. Hannah Grace to the dr tomorrow for her 9 mth check up.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hannah Grace's BFF, Malaya came over today for a play date!!!!

The two girls had so much fun playing together!! Hannah Grace did a great job sharing all of her toys too! We had lunch at Chick Fil A and then they came over for a play date!! We had a GREAT day today!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When it's to cold to go outside and play let's play inside!!!
Playing with snow!!!

This white stuff is cold Mama!

We've gotten a lot of snow this Winter! This past week we got 7 inches and more is to come this weekend.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What mama?! Can you see the Cheerios all over the place!!!!
This is sooooo much FUN!!!! Yea!!!
Erik and I turned her Pack in Play in a play pen! She LOVE to play in there! I always keep a bowl of Cheerios with a top on it in there! I was in the kitchen and it got really quiet! Too quiet!! I went to go and check on her and she was having fun with Cheerios!! She has figured out how to take the top off and help herself!! She sure does keep us busy!!!! We're having the BEST time with our little princess!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hannah Grace LOVES to hang out in her diaper before she takes a bubble bath!! I LOVE to kiss those little rolls!!!
Hannah Grace with a snowman!! I have her sitting on a grocery bag so her bottom wont get all wet!! Hurry up mama it's cold!!

Hannah Grace with Mrs. Val!!!

Hannah Grace with Ms. Lucille!!!

Hannah Grace hanging out in the bird house!
Today Hannah Grace and I went for a visit at my old work, Kinder Care. I use to work with Ms. Lucille before I had Hannah! They had built a big snowman and she kept on looking at it! She also got to meet some new friends on our little visit!! Let's do lunch ladies!!! We MISS and LOVE each of you!!! We'll come back soon!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We've been working with Hannah Grace on putting pressure on her legs and help her stand up. We've been calling her lazy legs but not any more!! Today in class she stood up for the first time with the help from mommy! We're sooo PROUD!!

Practing crawling up the ramp! She was trying really hard!! She wanted the purple shaker and she got it!!!! You go girl!!

Still practcing crawling!! She's in the right position so it won't be long now!!!

Malaya and Hannah Grace met at Gymboree! The girls were talking before class started today!! How cute is that!
Every Thursday is Gymboree!!! We've been stuck inside for the past couple of days due to the snow that we got and the cold weather. We got at least 6 inches and more is to come this weekend. So it was nice today to get out and go to Gymboree and go crazy!!!!! We LOVE our Thursdays!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Can I please have a Bananna?!!

They grow up too fast.
Today Hannah Grace and I got to go to the gorcery store! This is her first time sitting in the cart cover in the buggy! She did GREAT sitting up! It's so much easier now instead of pushing a stroller and a buggy at the same time! I'm so proud of our little princess!! They grow up to fast. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Britt for getting us the seat cover for Christmas!!! We LOVE it!!
What's this mommy?
I LOVE crackers!!! They are so yummy!! I love to see that sweet smile on her face! =)

Playing with her cracker! Of course when she gets older I'll teach her not to play with her food!!!!!

Investigating the cracker!!

Look how sweet!

Today I called Hannah Grace's nurse and I asked them is there anything new I can start feeding her! They said I can start feeding her crackers!!! Here is her first taste of a yummy cracker! Of course I broke it up into tiny pieces (not the big cracker in the picture)! I just wanted to see what she would do with a big cracker. Of course she tried to put the whole thing in her little mouth!!