Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My new hair cut! Four inches cut today!!
Can't wait to play with it tomorrow! =)

Today was an exciting day for mommy!!! I got to get my hair cut! My hair was getting so long it just had to come off! It was always in a ponytail. UGH. Erik was off today so he got to watch HG for me! I got four inches cut today!! WAHOO!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hannah Grace and Chase chasing after ducks!!
HG watching the roasters!
Hannah Grace and mommy touching the billy goat! What a GREAT way to learn the animal sounds!
HG and Chase touching the deer!
Yes that is HG chasing after a roaster!

Today we met our good friends, Chase and his mommy, at Henry's Ark in Prospect Ky. It's a really GREAT petting zoo for the kids and everyone! They have peacoks, billy goast, ducks, deer, cat, dog, pig, cow, roasters, and many more animals just walking around! They kids were so FUNNY!! They both were chasing ducks! Crazy kids!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hannah Grace and Sissy in BIG church!! We sat in the back just in case!!
She was pointing at everyone and everything! She takes the BEST naps on Sunday's!!

Hannah Grace got moved up this morning to a new Sunday school!! She got moved up to the walker/toddler room today! Dada had to work so it was just us girls going to church! I dropped her off early just to meet her new teachers! She did well with the drop off but when I picked her up they said that she was sad today. :( They took her on a buggy ride around the church to see if she will stop crying and that did it! Thankfully I decided to let her bring Sissy today or I think my pager would have gone off if I didn't! I left church early to go and pick her up so she can experience a little bit of BIG church! She was so alert looking around at everyone and everthing!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hannah Grace playing in the ball pit!! Her favorite!!
Just my size!!! Whee!!
Beep beep coming through!!
Coming down the big inlatable!!
At the very top!!

HAPPY 15 mths SWEET BABY GIRL!! It's hard to believe that 15mths ago we were still in the NICU. She had all these wires and feeding tube connected to her. Today you can't even tell she was in the NICU!! Praise the Lord!! Hannah Grace has so much energy!! This girl can go all day long without a nap if you let her! She's a busy little ball of energy!! Today we went to All About Kids! It' a kids place that has inflatables, gymnastics, in door pool, and much more to offer. Today we tried the inflatable zone! We LOVED it!! After we got done playing we ate at Cracker Barrel! We split the vegatable plate! Just the right size!! HG got Mac n Chess, Green Beans, and I got Chicken n Dumplings, and Okra!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hannah Grace and the Chick Fil A cow!!!
This is Mrs. Julie, her Gymboree teacher!! She LOVES Mrs. Julie!!

Today was Thursday, a Gymboree day!!! We LOVE going to Gymboree and seeing all of our friends! Today Hannah Grace got moved up to Level 4!! WAHOO!! I'm so proud of all of her accomplishments!! We're gonna miss all of our friends in Level 3 but can't wait to meet some new ones too!
Thursday evenings at Chick Fil A is family night! Kids eat for free! They get a four count chicken nugget meal! I always put a fruit cup with her chicken and give her some of my French fries! She LOVES fruit! Tonight they had the Chick Fil A cow out! HG went right up to him and gave him a hug! They were playin peek a boo when she was eating! And of course we traded in our toy for some ice cream! We LOVE Chick Fil A!!
You can tell she LOVED it!!
Makes me SMILE!!!

Last night I think I discovered what Hannah Grace's FAVORITE food is!! SPAGHETTI!!! We decided to use Elbow noodles instead of regular spaghetti noodels because those are long and slippery. HG went to town on spaghetti last night! I also fixed her Lima Beans to go with and she LOVED em!! Hannah Grace is such a GREAT little eater!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is why we have play clothes!!
Examining the leaf closelly!

Hey look I have two leaves!

Today we had a FUN day playing in the creek! HG LOVES to play outside! Today we went to the park and played! It's been really nice weather up here the past couple of days! So we're taking advantage of it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I LOVE this one!! HG is into playing dress up!!!
Hannah Grace and Aunt CC on a lunch date!
Playing inside her toy basket!!!

HG is finally facing foward in her BIG girl car seat! HG weighs 19lbs. 15oz!!! WAHOO!!
My sweet baby girl on a big girl lunch date with Aunt CC and mommy!! (And Elmo)! Hannah Grace is into Elmo and Seasme Stree these days!!!!

Here are just a few pictures that I thought that were too cute to pass up! LOVE MY GIRL!!!!!! XOXOXO's!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We finally have our FIRST tooth at 14 (1/2) months!!
Brushing with toddler toothpaste for the FIRST time!!

She thinks that the toothpaste is a treat! She tries to just eat it! She's doing really good brushing her tooth!!

PHEW!! We finally got our FIRST tooth in! We're so proud of her tooth! She looks so cute with just one tooth! We all went to the store one evening and we got her a toothbrush and the toddler toothpaste! I did say TODDLER!!! (So much FUN!) We brush her tooth every morning and evening before she goes to bed! I think she thinks it's a treat because she just eats the toothpaste! She did really good brushing her teeth this morning! We want to get her into a good habit about brushing now! Her second bottom tooth doesn't look far behind! I think we might get a tooth every week at this rate. Pray for me!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Everytime we come to the mall we have to watch the fountains!! She LOVES em!
My sweet BIG girl walking in the mall!

All the girls: Hannah Grace, Mayala, and Gigi!!

The girls and their mommies! HG, Me, Laura, Mayala, Gigi, and Mrs. Rachael!
Me and my sweetpea!

Today was such a FUN day!! We meet our friends for lunch at Red Robin and then we all strolled our girls around the mall! We meet our good friends, Laura and her daughter, Mayala, and Mrs. Rachael, and her daughter Gigi, and of course me and HG!! We all had such a good time! We were telling stories and giving each other advice that we found was helpful along the way! And laughing the whole time! These are all our first babies and they are all girls!! We all were in the same class at one point in Gymboree!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ice cream!!! WAHOO!!!

Sweet baby smile!! :)

HG and Dada!

Brain freeze!!


Last night we went out for some ice cream with our dear friends the Watsons! Hannah Grace LOVES ice cream! Last night she had Strawberry ice cream! She wanted to show Aunt CC and Uncle Jim her pretty necklace! She wore her necklace all day long! She's already into the bling bling!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is when I first noticed her tooth!! It was when she was eating ice cream! I hope she didn't get a brain freeze!!
I just had to add these two pictures in here too! This was from today as well! HG LOVES to wear my necklaces and pretends to wear lipstick already!!

HG LOVES to play dress up!!!
This blog is very EXCITING!! Hannah Grace is getting her first tooth (FINALLY)!!! I almost fell out of my seat at Chick Fil A! Erik had to work over night tonight so us girls had a girls night out at Chick Fil A! HG got a 4 piece kids meal with a fruit cup and apple juice. At Chick Fil A you get to trade in your toy for some ice cream! So I decided to get some! I'm so thankful that I did!!! She was opening up her mouth so BIG that I saw a tooth coming in!!! It's her bottom right!! I kept on giving her some just to make sure it was a tooth! She might have gotten a brain freeze too! It's not all the way through yet but it won't be long! I was so excited that I had to remind myself where we were! I am one very HAPPY mommy!! 14 mths old and she's getting her first tooth!! (Please pray for us as we go through teething!!!)
Today was a proud moment!! Hannah Grace walked from the parking lot of Gymboree all the way the door!! I was so EXCITED!! She's walking really GOOD!! I remember bringing her in for the first time in her infant car seat and now she's walking!!
As you can see we fingerpainted yesterday! And she even got to taste some of it!!
Mom not another picture please!

Look at me mom!!

Oh how pretty!


Yesterday we had a great day! Hannah Grace got to go over to a friends house to play! They shared so good! Even passies. YUCK!!! Her friend is about to move to Atlanta so we will definetlly get to see them again! This was HG's first friend that she meet at Gymboree! We're gonna miss you Mayala and mom!! Then when we got home HG was suppose to take a nap but that didn't happen. We decided to finger paint!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is her new smile! How CUTE is she!!
Big Bird made her SO EXCITED!!
And YES she's walking everywhere!

This was the water part! They had little raincoats so they won't get soaked! Of course my baby found a book!

Driving "The Wheels on The Bus" bus!

HG and Dada going through a BIG bubble!!

This weekend we all went to visit The Louisville Science Center! It was so much FUN!! Hannah Grace and Dada got to go through a BIG bubble, Seasme Street Corner was there, drive a pretend bus, and HG's FAVORITE part was to play with the water! We had such a great time! We even saw an I Max movie but of course with a toddler it didn't last long! Before we went to play we all ate lunch at Subway! HG is a GREAT eater! She especially LOVES Strawberries/Blueberries!! We will be going back to the Science Center!!