Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We finally have our FIRST tooth at 14 (1/2) months!!
Brushing with toddler toothpaste for the FIRST time!!

She thinks that the toothpaste is a treat! She tries to just eat it! She's doing really good brushing her tooth!!

PHEW!! We finally got our FIRST tooth in! We're so proud of her tooth! She looks so cute with just one tooth! We all went to the store one evening and we got her a toothbrush and the toddler toothpaste! I did say TODDLER!!! (So much FUN!) We brush her tooth every morning and evening before she goes to bed! I think she thinks it's a treat because she just eats the toothpaste! She did really good brushing her teeth this morning! We want to get her into a good habit about brushing now! Her second bottom tooth doesn't look far behind! I think we might get a tooth every week at this rate. Pray for me!

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