Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is when I first noticed her tooth!! It was when she was eating ice cream! I hope she didn't get a brain freeze!!
I just had to add these two pictures in here too! This was from today as well! HG LOVES to wear my necklaces and pretends to wear lipstick already!!

HG LOVES to play dress up!!!
This blog is very EXCITING!! Hannah Grace is getting her first tooth (FINALLY)!!! I almost fell out of my seat at Chick Fil A! Erik had to work over night tonight so us girls had a girls night out at Chick Fil A! HG got a 4 piece kids meal with a fruit cup and apple juice. At Chick Fil A you get to trade in your toy for some ice cream! So I decided to get some! I'm so thankful that I did!!! She was opening up her mouth so BIG that I saw a tooth coming in!!! It's her bottom right!! I kept on giving her some just to make sure it was a tooth! She might have gotten a brain freeze too! It's not all the way through yet but it won't be long! I was so excited that I had to remind myself where we were! I am one very HAPPY mommy!! 14 mths old and she's getting her first tooth!! (Please pray for us as we go through teething!!!)

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