Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hannah Grace and Sissy in BIG church!! We sat in the back just in case!!
She was pointing at everyone and everything! She takes the BEST naps on Sunday's!!

Hannah Grace got moved up this morning to a new Sunday school!! She got moved up to the walker/toddler room today! Dada had to work so it was just us girls going to church! I dropped her off early just to meet her new teachers! She did well with the drop off but when I picked her up they said that she was sad today. :( They took her on a buggy ride around the church to see if she will stop crying and that did it! Thankfully I decided to let her bring Sissy today or I think my pager would have gone off if I didn't! I left church early to go and pick her up so she can experience a little bit of BIG church! She was so alert looking around at everyone and everthing!!

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