Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hannah Grace playing in the ball pit!! Her favorite!!
Just my size!!! Whee!!
Beep beep coming through!!
Coming down the big inlatable!!
At the very top!!

HAPPY 15 mths SWEET BABY GIRL!! It's hard to believe that 15mths ago we were still in the NICU. She had all these wires and feeding tube connected to her. Today you can't even tell she was in the NICU!! Praise the Lord!! Hannah Grace has so much energy!! This girl can go all day long without a nap if you let her! She's a busy little ball of energy!! Today we went to All About Kids! It' a kids place that has inflatables, gymnastics, in door pool, and much more to offer. Today we tried the inflatable zone! We LOVED it!! After we got done playing we ate at Cracker Barrel! We split the vegatable plate! Just the right size!! HG got Mac n Chess, Green Beans, and I got Chicken n Dumplings, and Okra!!

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