Thursday, February 11, 2010

We've been working with Hannah Grace on putting pressure on her legs and help her stand up. We've been calling her lazy legs but not any more!! Today in class she stood up for the first time with the help from mommy! We're sooo PROUD!!

Practing crawling up the ramp! She was trying really hard!! She wanted the purple shaker and she got it!!!! You go girl!!

Still practcing crawling!! She's in the right position so it won't be long now!!!

Malaya and Hannah Grace met at Gymboree! The girls were talking before class started today!! How cute is that!
Every Thursday is Gymboree!!! We've been stuck inside for the past couple of days due to the snow that we got and the cold weather. We got at least 6 inches and more is to come this weekend. So it was nice today to get out and go to Gymboree and go crazy!!!!! We LOVE our Thursdays!!!

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