Monday, January 4, 2010

Hannah Grace did two new tricks over Christmas break!!! At Grandma Britt's Hannah Grace rolled all over their den! She rolled from her left to her right and then from her right to her left! She made sure that everyone was watching her because each time she rolled she lifted up her head and we all clapped!!!! So now we're back at home and she's rolling all over the place and bumping into everything!!!!!

When we were at Bb's and Papa's Hannah Grace said Ma-ma for the first time!!! Erik was driving , I was in the front seat, Papa and Hannah Grace was in the back! Papa was trying to keep Hannah happy in the back seat but she just kept on crying. While she was crying she said Ma-ma!!! I LOVE hearing her say Ma-ma!! Of course it's only when she's fussy. She did it another time when BB heard her too!

Hannah Grace is doing great in eating baby food! We are on second foods now! Hannah's two favorite foods for now is bannans and sweet potatoes!!! Today I called the nurse to see if she can start feeding her Cheerios and she said yes! So we're going shopping tomorrow for some new snacks!!

We are still doing Gymboree Play and Music every Tuesday at 1pm!!!! Now that we have rolling over down we're working on sitting up!! We're almost there but still a little rocky! Those are just a few things that I'm doing with Hannah Grace! Xoxo's from Hannah Grace!!!

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