Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today after Hannah Grace woke up from her afternoon nap we all went to our local library! We've never been to it before it's close and free!!! We're trying to get her into story time at the library! We're going to try to take her to a class that's every Monday!! She LOVES to read book just like her Dada!! We rented her several books from the library! Hopefully I won't forget to return them! There was a little play room area for the kids and Hannah Grace enjoyed playing with the other toys. At the library they had toy trucks there and she has never played with trucks before so it was funny to see her reaction!! We always try to read her books before the end of the day!! Also her hair is just now long enough for me to play with it!!! I can now put her hair up in a pony tail like pebbles from the "Flinstones"! Of course we still have to have our bow so I put her bow on the front of ther pony tail! She LOVES to have a pony tail like me!!

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