Monday, June 28, 2010

This post makes me sad to write but everything is ok!! Hannah Grace got a cold over the weekend she has been caughing and her nose has been runny. Yesterday in the car I noticed that she was weezing alot. Then I laid her down for a nap and I noticed that she was breathing heavily. I called the nurse at her pedi and they asked me to take her to Kosier Chirldrens Hospital. HG was such a trooper!! HG got two breathing treatmenst last night at the hospital and did great! It helped clear up her lungs! Aunt CC came with us to keep mommy straight!! We LOVE our Aunt CC!! She is always there for us!! HG had a low grade fever too. The dr last night said that her cold setteled into her chest causing her to weeze. They even took XRays to make sure that she didn't have pnuemonia. Thank goodness she didn't and we got to come home last night!

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