Sunday, January 30, 2011

HG ridding Mickey Mouse in freezing weather but LOVE seeing her smile!
 HG LOVED playing peek a boo in the hotel with the closet doors!
 Our little family at breakfast in our hotel!
 At the Newport Aquarium!
 HG and mommy touching a big sting ray!
 These were cool jelly fish!
 Family picture overlooking Cincinnati, Ohio!
 Cuddling with Dada and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Our hotel had this parrett, Georgia, and HG LOVED it!  Saying good by to Georgia. 

This weekend we had our first family get away trip!  Erik surprised us with a family trip this weekend!  There was only one catch though we could not go to our parents house!  We wanted to pick somewhere close so we wouldn't have to be in the car long!  We decided to go to Cincinnati, Ohio!  We went to the Newport Aquarium, outlit malls, ate out, and just had fun being together! HG called every fish Nemo at the aquarium!!  We had the BEST time and we're already planning our next little get away trip!

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