Saturday, April 23, 2011

 Hannah Grace with the baby ducks!!
 Being so brave and touching one with Aunt Rachael!!

 HG wasn't to sure about this bunny!  It was trying to hop out of our arms.
HG was serious about finding eggs this year!  She even crawled under the seats to get to her eggs!
 Enjoying a yummy special snack that she got to make!!
 Someone LOVES sprinkles!!

This morning we got to go on an Easter egg hunt with her friend, Gigi!  They invited us to their church for an egg hunt!  With all the sever weather we've been having the kids had to have the egg hunt inside.  That didn't stop HG!  She was crawling underneath the seats to get to get her eggs!  She knew what to do this year!  We also got to play with baby ducks, baby chicks, and bunnies this morning!  Happy Easter!!

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