Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zoo bound!!

Hannah's FAVORITE animal at the zoo is the elephant!!
 Not sure about petting the goat with Chase.
Our little monkey!!
She climbed all the way to the top by herself!!
Eating animal cookies at the zoo!!
LOVE to see her smile!!
Chase being a gentlemen and pulling Hannah in the zoo!!
Making an elephant handprint!!
Look how CUTE!!  I can't wait to pick out a frame for it!!

Today we went to the zoo with our good friends, Mrs. Sam and Chase!!  We LOVE going to the zoo!!  The kids had so much fun playing with each other!!  Hannah is a little monkey these days!!  She will try and climb on anything and everything!!  You have to watch her like a hawk on the playground!!  Chase started pulling Princess Hannah around in her wagon!!  He was being such a gentlemen!!  Thank  you for inviting us to the zoo!!

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