Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hannah and mommy had a BIG day today!! We woke up, cleaned house for BB, went to our NICU apt, and picked up BB from the airport!!!! Our Dr. apt went great!! The dr's called her a chunky monkey!!! Hannah got to play with some toys that stimulated her! Then the dr put her on her tummy and she wasn't a happy camper. She HATES tummy time. He encouraged me to keep taking her to get her massages!! Our little diva!!! She fell asleep in the car on the way to pick up BB from the airport. Once we got BB us 3 girls went to the mall!! Mommy got some clothes for her birthday at Ann Taylor Loft! Mommy had to go up several sizes on her jeans. She wans't a happy camper either. I guess that I did just have major surgery 4 mths ago but it's coming off!!!!! ASAP!!!!! After the mall we all came home and collasped on the couch!! We LOVE having our BB here!! We're all going to be so spoiled!!! WE LOVE YOU BB!!!! :)

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