Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today Hannah had her 4 months doctor apt. I can't believe that BB and I took Hannah to her 4 months apt. WOW!!!! The doctor could only say positive comments about Hannah!!!

Weight: 10lbs 14ozs
Lenght: 22 (1/2)

Hannah is FINALLY on the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's on the 5th-10th percentile on her weight on the charts!!!!!!!!! We couldn't be more excited about our baby girl!!!! Hannah was a trooper all through her apt!! She was cooing at her doctor the whole time!! She was trying to tell her something!?! LOL!!! BB came with mommy because Hannah had to get two shots. :( One in each leg. She wasn't a happy camper afterwards. She got two sparkly band aids!! Mommy cried harder than Hannah did. We had a bottle ready for her and she's been asleep all afternoon! She doesn't have to go back until her 6 months apt!

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