Friday, October 16, 2009

Sorry for the belated blogging! I've been trying to find activities for us to do when the weather gets cold!! I found out that Pottery Barn Kids has story time every Tuesday from 11-11:30am. It's called Pottery Barn Kids Book Club Official Member!! You get this little blue book and every time you go you get it stamped! If you go five time in a row you get a very special gift!! We LOVE Pottery Barn KIDS!! Hannah and I went last week to check it out! She LOVED it! We got to listen to some stories and sing songs! Hannah especially enjoyed doing the Hokey Pokey (with my help!) Hannah LOVES to read stories when we're at home!! Her favorite book is The Runaway Bunny! She looks at every page in the book with her eyes opened really wide!!! She doesn't miss a picture!!! Next Tuesday we are bringing some friends with us to story time!! We LOVE our story time!!

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