Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hannah Grace and mommy had our first big adventure together! We got to fly on an airplane to BB's and Papa's house!! I had to go to my sister's batchorlett party and HG got to stay and their house while I was away. This was my first time to be away from her over night! We did great! I got a much need massage and facial! So EXCITED for my sister to get married June 19th!!! HG and I are in the wedding!! Here are some pictures from HG's first plane ride! She was like a famous person on the plane! The flight attendences made an announcment over the loud speaker saying that it was her first time on the plane! I had to hold her up so everyone could see her! We were sitting in the very front just in case she didn't like it the flight attendences could help me!! She also got a flying certificate! She did AWESOME!!

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