Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOW!! I took Hannah Grace yesterday for her one year dr apt!!! Dr couldn't have been more happy at how she is developing!! We have come a long way this year!!

Weight: 17lbs. 7.5oz
Height: 27 (1/2)
She's in the 10th% on both height and weight
2 naps a day
4 bottles
Starting whole milk (So EXCITING!!)
She can eat what we eat
Crawling all over the place and extremelly FAST!!
Pulling up
Into absoutlly everything
LOVES Gymboree Play and Music
LOVES the zoo
LOVES story time
LOVES playgroups
LOVES the park
LOVES playing outside

As you can see we stay pretty busy around here! Those are just a few things we have been doing lately! At her one yr atp HG got 3 shots yesterday. She took it like a champ!! She got two stickers and two suckers!! One for each hand of course!!! The most exciting thing about her apt is that we can finally start her on whole milk!! No more expensive formula!! We're still waiting on some teeth! Yes I know she's 1 and has no teeth yet but she is teething. I was 13mths and Erik was 15mths when we got teeth. So she is running late too! We still brush her gums with an infant tooth brush every morning and evening! Hannah Grace has had an amazing first year and can't wait to see what the other years bring!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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