Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hannah Grace and I are going to the beach with my family for a whole week!! I'm going to have 6 babysitters vs 1 baby!!! WAHOO!! It's going to be an all girls trip! It's my mom (BB), Aunt Betsy, Aunt Natalie, Aunt Beverly, and Momo!! That's HG's Great Grandmother!! So she will have her grandmother and great grandmother with her!! She's going to be so SPOILED when we get back!! We're going to MISS daddy. He can't come because he will be taking a J-Term. That is a whole semister in just one week! He will have piece and quiet without having a toddler around the house! Hannah Grace and I are flying out tomorrow morning at 9:10 on Southwest and will arrive in B-Ham! Then we have a 5 hour car ride to Gulf Shores, Alb!! So I will be taking a break from blogging for a week but I will come back with some GREAT pictures from the beach!! This is Hannah Grace's first trip to the beach!! Hopefully she won't eat the whole sandbox!!!

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