Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 My new friend! 
 We bonded! 
 Kentucky Horse Park!
 This is where the movie Secretariat was flimed!!  BEAUTIFUL horse!!
 On a date at a bed and breakfast with my best friend!
 We've been married for 5 years!! 
 The main house of the bed and breakfast where we stayed.  You got to eat breakfast and dinner here!
This is where we stayed!  Our bed room was the one on the top right! 

Erik took me to a bed and breakfast for our five year anniversary!  If you've never been to a bed and breakfast you must go!  So romantic!  He had chocolate coverd strawberries wating for me!  He knows those are my favorite!! Thank you for everything that you do for us girls!  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!  XOXO's!!!  HAPPY 5 YEARS! AND MANY MORE!!

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