Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day Of School!!

Ready to spread her wings and fly!!
  Mommy and HG on her first day of school!!
 HG with her Elmo backpack and princess lunch box!!
HG 2 years old!!
Our BIG school girl!!
 Standing by Noah's Ark with a big smile!!

Today was Hannah's first day of school!!  I can't believe it but there was "NO" tears from mommy or HG!!  I think I got all of my crying done early so I wouldn't cry on the first day!!  We both did great!!  Hannah reconized a friend from Gymboree!!  Ellie has been in some of  her classes there!!  It made me feel better that she knew someone!  She also got to meet several new friends!!  It was an exciting morning here today!!  We can't wait for Friday!!

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