Saturday, September 3, 2011

This week has had a lot of new transitions for us!!  We've been working on potty training!!  We've been calling it potty training boot camp week!!  We've stayed home alot and I've been taking her potty every 30 minutes!!  She doesn't sit down long so I've been reading her books as she sits at the potty!  Seems to be working!!  Yes it is exhausting but rewarding for both of us!!  She's in panties when were home and pull-ups when were out!  She LOVES wearing her BIG girl panties!!

Another transition is that Hannah is starting school on Wednesday!!  YES I said school!! Tears are coming down as I write this.  She's going to a church right around the corner to a mother's morning out!!  I wanted it close just in case she's having a bad day I can be there in less than 5 minutes!!  We've been to her classroom this week and we even got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Dodi!! She gets to go to music, do art, play with friends, eat lunch, recess, and alot of other fun activities!!  She is only going 2 days a week because that's all I can handle!  Wednesdays and Fridays from 10-2!!  Please pray for us on Wednesday as we start a new adventure!!  Hopefully I'll be able to leave the parking lot!  I'm bring a box of tissue with me!! 

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