Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Gymboree!!!
HG trying so hard to figure of this puppett!! She finally got it!!
Still everything in her mouth. I think she will never grow out of this stage.
My twins!
Hannah Grace showing Dada EVERYTHIING she does at Gymboree!! Dada was trying to keep up with her!!
I decided to change HG's Gymboree schedule. Our regular class was on Thursdays at 10. That's when HG takes a morning nap and we kept on missing classes. So now we go to Gymboree on Tuesdays at 545!! It works out GREAT!! She's so worn out and ready for bath and bed when we get home!! We were worn out too!! I don't know who had more fun either Dada or HG!! Thanks Dada for coming with us!! We love you!!

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