Friday, October 1, 2010

Hannah Grace LOVES to play outside!!! Hannah Grace also LOVES to swing! She could swing for hours!!
I like this picture bc on our walks we've been looking for pinecones! She found one and it's like she's saying where did it come from mommy?!
How sweet is she!! Her friend Connor came over today to play and he gave her some stickers! Before we went to bed we had FUN with stickers! She also liked putting them on the bathrm mirror! (You can see her one and only tooth!)
I LOVE this picture! This is her sweet friend, Connor. When they came over they went on a wagon ride! They have an arrange marrage in their future!!
HG is such a good little mommy to her baby doll! We still don't have a name yet for her but she just calls her baby! She likes to pretend change her baby's diaper!

Here's a few random pictures from our FUN week! HG has some great friends here! Her friend Connor came over the other day and they went on a wagon ride! Connor brought HG a BIG cuddly bear and stickers! His mommy, Jen, gave me some yummy cupcakes for my bday and an adorable cupcake candle! It smells YUMMY! Yes as you can tell I LOVE CUPCAKES!! Thank you Jen and Connor for making our day!! WE LOVE YA"LL!! Also HG LOVES her new babydoll! She is a GREAT little mommy! She'll pretend that she's changing her diaper and feed her a bottle! It's so funny to watch then go through each FUN stadge of her life!!

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