Friday, May 27, 2011

 Hannah getting weighed at doctor office!!  She wore her happy birthday crown!!
Daddy and Hannah!!
Relaxing with a book while waiting for the doctor to come in!!
Hannah LOVES this horse in front of the doctor office!!  She's enjoying a sucker and holding her sticker! 

This afternoon Hannah had her two year old doctor appointment!!  We were so excited to take her!! 

Weighs: 23.4 pds 10th %
Height: 31(1/2)" 5th%

We can finally introduce her to some shellfish!!  It will be interesting at the beach to see her reaction to some yummy seafood!!  We get to switch her milk to 2% milk instead of whole milk!!  The doctor wants us to take her to the dentist since we're behind in the teething department.  Over all she got an "A" on her doctor appointment!!  We've came a long way from only being 3lbs 7oz at birth!!   

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