Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Weekend!

LOVES to blow bubbles!!
Our silly little girl!!  =)
Hannah's first time to play putt putt!!
LOVES to play golf like daddy and Curious George!  (DVD that we have!)
 A hole in one!!  She was so excited!! ;)
 My sweet pea!!
Our all American girl!!
Opening birthday presents from Aunt CC and Uncle Jim!!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!  We had a fun weekend!!  It's been so hot here the past few days that we've tried to stay nice and cool inside.  We did though go play put put for the first time with Hannah in the evening.  She LOVED it!!  She watches a DVD that  has Curious George in it.  There's an episode on there and he goes and plays put put.  So she knew all about put put from Curious George!!  ;)  Even though she mainly chased the ball around she still had fun!! We also had a cookout with Aunt CC and Uncle Jim!!  She LOVES them and had a fun time watching their puppy Max play!!  Hope everyone had a safe Memorial weekend!

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