Saturday, May 21, 2011


 Good morning birthday girl!!!  Mommy and daddy singing Happy birthday to Hannah!  She didn't know what to think!!
 LOVED riding the rides at Chucky Cheese!!
Chucky came to see Hannah!!  Giving him high fives!!
 Not sure what to think about the candles!!  Mommy had to help blow them out!!
 Checking out Chucky Cheese!!
Hannah was diping the candle in the icing and licking it off!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH GRACE!!  How is it possible that we have a two year old?!!  This morning Hannah opened up her presents and we played with all her presents!!  Then this afternoon we went to Chucky Cheese after nap!  She LOVED running around and riding on all the rides!  You have blessed us in so many ways sweet girl!!  We all love you very much!!  Xoxo's!  

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