Thursday, November 19, 2009

On Tuesdays Hannah and I go to storytime and there was more kids there than usually due to the rain. Afterwards we always do a few errands just to get out of the house. On Wednesday Hannah got her first cold. :( :( :( :( I've been watching her like a hawk these past couple of days. She's had a cough and a runny nose but thankfully no fever. I had to stay up with her last night because she just wouldn't sleep laying down. I rocked her all night with her boppy around my waist. Thankfully my mom got me a neck pillow for my birthday! Thanks mom!! I always call the nursers at her dr office to ask them questions! They told me to do the Little Noses in her nose and do the nose bolb every time before she eats. Today I called and made her a dr's apt. She is so funny! She didn't even cry when the dr looked in her ears, or listen to her lungs, or put the stick in her mouth. She did gag thought but I mean who doesn't. Yuck. The dr just told me to keep up the good work and continue what I'm doing. So we're going to keep it on a low key before we leave out of town next week. She does seem to be doing better!!! She's such a little trooper!!!

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