Saturday, November 21, 2009

WOW!!!! I can't believe that my sweet baby girl is already 6 months old today!!!! She's half way to 1 years old!!!! This morning I sang Happy Birthday to her!!! She just had a big smile on her face!!! Well this week has been a long week since she's been sick. There was two nights in a row where I slept in her rocking chair with her. If you put her down in her bed she would start caughing really bad and wake herself up. So I put her boppy around my waist and she slept right close to me!!! We've been staying inside for most part of the week. We did have to go out and get some more diapers and wipes!!! Haha!!! Today we just went on a walk outside becasue she loves to get outside!!! She is feeling better though which is great because we leave for Atlanta on Tuesday!!! We're so excited to see our sweet family!!! Just a few days left!!! On top of Hannah being sick this week our dryer decides to break! I had mountains of laundry to do because I'm trying to stay caught up for our trip! So one night Erik went to Home Depot and got us a new dryer! It's a Christmas present from my parents!!!! Thank you BB and Papa!!!! We really need one!!! It works GREAT!!!! Thank you Uncle Jim for coming over and helping daddy put it together!!! I'm just glad nothing came out of the wall!!! Haha!!!

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