Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I called and made Miss Hannah Grace a weight check appointment! The other morning when I was getting her out of her crib she felt heavier! I asked Erik to hold her and feel her and he even said that she felt heavier too! So this moring we went to the dr to see what her weight was. Hannah Grace is doing GREAT!!!! She now weighs 13.14.2lbs!! She's on the 25-50% weight chart!!!!! Any ways I'm making myself a few notes here. So sorry if it's to long! Here's what the nurse told us to do today:
*Gradually take her off of her rice cereal in her bottles.
*Start veggies!! We start with the blandes one first which is the peas. We try the peas for 5-7 days and then we go to the next green veggie. We alternate days until she's tried all the veggies and then we go to the fruits. We can mix it in her rice cereal or give it to her plain which ever she prefers! She's not a picky eater!!!! (LOL)!! =)
*Feed her her rice cereal in the morning with her bottle afterwards. We have to hide her bottle when she's eating her cereal because then if she sees it she won't eat her cereal any more!! Smart girl! Then veggies at night!
*Hannah's 6mth apt is Dec. 9th @ 2:20pm. She gets two or three shots (poor baby) and we'll talk about changing her formula.
~Hannah rolled over from tummy to back on Sat. night!! She was doing tummy time and and was leaning over on her right side more and just turned over! She surprised all 3 of us!!
After we went to the dr it was such a pretty day up here we decided to go to the park and play! There was a lot of older kids there playing and she loves to watch them play in the creek! One day before we know it she'll be playing in the creek and getting her clothes all wet too!!! =)

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