Friday, September 10, 2010

FALL FESTIVAL AT SOUTHERN SEMINARY!! Mommy and Hannah Grace at festival!!
HG LOVES ice cream! She took it out of my hands and started eating it and helped herself!! That's my girl!
Aunt CC came with us to the festival too!! Thank you so much for coming with us!! We missed you dada!
Hannah Grace trying cotton candy for the first time! She didn't like it though. Maybe next time! She was sticky from head to toe!
HG LOVES puppies! This puppy was so small that she thought it was one of her stuffed animals! Maybe one day!

This evening was Southern Seminary's Fall festival! Hannah Grace was running wild everywhere! She got to try cotton candy for the first time and she had a yummy ice cream bar (that she grabed out of my hands and took it!) HG does not like cotton candy! Is this my kid?!! She liked pulling it off the stick and playing with it in her tiny hands! And yes she was so sticky! She got 3 balloons but one got away and then there was two. She loves balloons! Thank you Aunt CC for coming with us! We missed you dada!

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