Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Papa and HG going into Walgreens to get some ice cream!! YUMMY!!
Tackling Papa! 1, 2, 3, and she's got him!!
GREAT BIG hugs!! But Papa I want to go and play! Xoxo's!
Look BB and Papa at what I can do!! I'm a BIG girl now!!

BB, Papa, and HG playing at Gymboree!! We had so much FUN and we were the only one's there!! WAHOO!

WOW! We have had a GREAT past week! My parents come up for a visit! They got here to Louisville Thursday evening and left on Sunday! We had the BEST time! Friday we did a little shopping and then HG and I took them to Gymboree! Papa has never been to Gymboree and HG was so excited to show both of them what she can do! She was a little fireball! She was showing them EVERYTHING! Including how hyper she gets when she's there! We LOVE our Gymboree! Saturaday we all went shopping! Since HG was a baby last Fall she needed some new Fall clotes! We guessed pretty good on her size for the Fall! Only a few retuns! And then we celebrated my birthday Sat night at the Cheesecake Factory! Mmmm! We had a GREAT time! Hated to see Sunday come so quicklly. We miss you Aunt Betsy!

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