Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is Aunt CC! She came along to help celebrate at the Cheesecake Factory!
HG LOVES to play dress up! Playing dress up with HG!!
HG got her first baby doll at the mall! She LOVES putting the babies passie in her mouth! Silly girl! We still don't have a name yet for baby doll!
This is what going to two malls does to a toddler!!! Sweet dreams my love!
I LOVE this picture!! BB, Papa, and HG!!

Saturday we had a GREAT shopping day! Dada had a paper to finish up at the school so it was just us four! I got to go shopping for my birthday which is Sept. 25! We celebrated it early just in case I don't see them. (BOO). Papa did a great job babysitting while we shopped! Mom and I guessed that HG will be in 9-12mths in the Fall! We guessed pretty good because we only had a few returns! We got home and HG got to try on all of her new clothes! Thankgoodnes for Seasme Street! Saturaday evening my BFF, Cheryl, Aunt CC, came to the Cheesecake Factory with us and Dada came home from school! If I knew they sang to you at the Cheescake Factory I would have gone somewhere else! LOL!

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