Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hannah Grace at 15mths:

*HG knows where 6 body part are: nose, eyes, mouth, hair, ears, and toes!!
*LOVES to read books!!
*LOVES Seasme Street! She calls Elmo, Mo!
*HG can do the sign language for more and all done. Were still working on some other signs!
*Learned how to turn on and off tv set!
*LOVES keys
*Loves to play at the park outside, Gymboree, playdates with friends, going to the zoo, and relaxing at home
* Sleeping through the night
*Will eat anything!
*LOVES Sissy and passies (shhhh)!!
*Thinks that anything and everything is a phone even the remote control
*HG can count from 1-3!!
*She will try and sing along with you when you are singing! She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me", the Lalalala Elmo World song!

If I think of anything else I will post! This is off the top of my head so I won't forget! Thank you everyone for loving on our sweet baby girl! I'm still pinching myself that we have Miss. Hannah Grace!!!

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